I looked in my “draft” section on WordPress and I realised that I had many first drafts. To be fair most of them are still sat there waiting for inspiration to strike. I guess it is normal to have drafts, ideas, dreams and I am not convinced we need to realise everything – a draft can be just a draft and that is OK. A draft is not failure, a draft is an attempt at the unknown, which may or may not be realised

I see teaching as a serious of first drafts as every class is different, every time I teach something I realise that there is something that I would like to change, differentiation that needs to be tweaked, a pupil who has an insight I had never considered. With software there is always something that I have overlooked and find pupils are happy to fill in the gaps – they are happy that you can also be learning too.

“What would life be if we had no courage to attempt anything?” Vincent Van Gough

So I guess the point is to keep having first drafts, however impossible they may appear. If we are expecting this from our pupils then we should do it ourselves.  Failed attempts are not failure they are just a stone on your path that will help you (often in some unrelated way) somewhere else on your journey.

Currently I am attempting:

  • Drumming
  • Playing the Ukele
  • Speaking German
  • Doing yoga in a morning
  • Setting up the Adefrutt Tiny!

There is a lot of challenges here and I hope maybe to get beyond drafting on some of them!