Hi Guys

Here is some support material to help you get ready for the teaching ahead. If you think I have missed anything then please ask – as I can easily add it!

Google Calendars:

Add your timetable to the calendar. This enables us (as a school) to make appointments and plan events with alot more ease. Watch the video, it looks a little different now but the principle is the same

Notes: I remove reminders and hangouts as I find them very annoying for each lesson. Make sure you have added it to your main calendar (the one with your name)

Making an appointment – There are two ways to do this. Either you can find someones calendar and then send an invite, or you can see if they are free. Both systems work here is a short video

Notes: You can add attachements to the invites (such as agendas, material to read before the meeting, minutes…) The video was made using Loom great screencast tool for both PC and Mac

Adding Calendars – you will need to make sure you have added all the school calendars. Here is a little video to help you.

Notes: You can remove calendars that you now longer need (if you like things to look tidy) using the gear (or flower icon) and selecting “settings”. You should also add the schoology calendar

Google Mail:

Basics – You should be happy to send, reply, forward an email. Add labels and move emails. Serach your mail effectively in different folders and with key words.

Notes: Search operators might be helpful. Here are some for you.

Experimenting. After playing around this is what I like, but you will all need to experiment to do this go to the Gear (or Flower ) then  “settings”

Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 13.12.14
Settings – Inbox. When you select “Priority Inbox” it makes all your unread mail go to the top of your inbox.
Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 13.11.15
Settings – General. Stops the conversation tool which clumps emails together within a thread
Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 13.11.05
Settings – General. Enables you to undo a sent email. You only get a specific time and a little icon appears when you send a message. VERY USEFUL
Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 13.11.30
Settings-General. I use this to identify what I am doing with an email. I have my own system but it helps using these icons
Screen Shot 2018-08-15 at 13.10.49.png
Settings – Labs. The Preview Pane allows you to view emails on one side and messages on the other. You will get an icon with vertical split (on the main email page) which will allow you to change between views. Unread messages allows you to see the number of messages you need to read.

 Google Drive

Do you want Google Drive on your computer, so you can work off line? You will need DriveFile Steam (you will find it under the gear on Google Drive)

Do you share links? Did you know:

  • If you select the anyone at ISZL sharing options then your document can be searched for within ISZL. You should not use this if it is private.
  • You can force a document to be copied by adding copy to the end. This prevents pupils from writing on the main document. You can also use view and preview. Here is John Dalesio with more information

Do you use:

  • Google Forms – to make quizzes that are self grading
  • Google Sites – to make easy functional websites
  • Google Drawning – to develop annotations
  • Google Docs – dictation tool shown here by Ian Carr and the highlighter tool as demo’d by Pitt Max or the Twitter Curator


Operational Tools:

  • Bring a tab back (when you have deleted it) Cmd+Shift+t or Ctl+Shift+t
  • Pining a Tab
  • Muting a Tab
  • Dragging a word or an image into the search bar


  • Folders – you can drag in any webpage, including Google drive items. Can make organising your life easier. Here is some ideas on this from Ian Carr
  • Extensions – I use Notes Anywhere, session buddy, google keep, Loom, 1 Click Timer and Padlet (plus some others if you fancy chatting about them)
  • Have a look in the Chrome Apps Store and see what you can find