So with exams around the corner I thought I would do a round up of a couple of possible revision techniques and some tools you could use.

Create a Timetable:

This is hated by most pupils I have every taught, but it really does work. You need to plan time and space to allow yourself to do the most effective revision – here are some great tips

  • List everything you need to learn (not just subjects – break the subjects into topics)
  • Priorities when it needs to be competed
  • Create a schedule for what you will do and when and where . You could use one of these apps to help

REMEMBER: Be Realistic. Be Specific. Be Timely

Create revision material:

When you are revising you need to create revisions material. Just looking at your notes is not enough. Firstly I would find out the type of learner you are, as this might influence your choice of revision techniques. You can use this to help you find out. Here some ideas based on your learning style

  • Mnemonic –  “Verbal/Linguistic” learning style these can be helpful
  • MindMap –  “Visual/Spatial’ use images & colour to connect information
  • Create a Rap “Aural/Auditory” could add their notes to music

Now for some general ideas:

  • Flashcards –  These have been proven to work and help up remember key words. Even better when you combine images and text- here is an articleTinycards, AnkiDroid
  • Quizzes – Quiz your friends, set up challenges, set questions to automatically appear on your browser. Quizlet, Memorize
  • Collaboration – Question each other, create a study group. Skype, WhatsApp
  • Mind Mapping – Getting your ideas on paper and adding colour and images (this really helps information stick). Remember to keep the text to a minimal Mind 42, Mindmeister
  • Note taking – Rewrite your notes into effective notes. Try using the Cornell method (notes, keywords/questions, summary)
  • Venue – Try changing up the venue. Make sure wherever you are is revision ready: You have your plan. You have all your notes and equipment. You can stay focused. You stay rehydrated (water helps the brain!).

Staying focused

If you struggle with this here are a couple of apps that can help, and also can be used to turn off distracting webpages for as long as you need to.

  • Forest – stay focused while building a forest
  • Tide or Focus Booster – Uses the pomodoro timer technique to help you build focus and relax better
  • Loop  – loop is a habit tracker which allows you to track your habits so you can make adjustments when necessary

Want more…..

Give this little test a try: