Hey lovely people this is a handy little blog post to help you with anything Schoology. If you can not find the help you need then talk to me and I can add some instructional videos to help.

New Grading Protocol:

MYP – Adding the Categories and Adding an Assignment (with one criterion):

MYP – Adding an Assignment (with more than one criteria):

AP and IB – Adding Categories:

Here are some reminders for customising your notifications, getting material from the archive and viewing your course as a pupil or parent.

There is obviously loads more that I could add about Schoology these are just some essentials to get you going. I will add more and please let me know about anything that works for you and your classes – does anyone uses badges as incentives? Do they work? How do you use them?

You can find all these videos and more help on Shared Drives (the new name for Team Drive) Techie Help – Schoology.