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First for a bit of fun! Click here and type in the Pin number of the projector. If you want to make these games for class look at the Critical Thinking bubble below.

Please look over the tools you pointed to using last session (if you haven’t done so please add your name to your tools for ease of collaboration)

We will be working with the ISTE standards, and they are a good way to identify areas where we can use technology in the classroom

Each of the bubbles has some tools you could use for that criteria (the lists are not exhaustive and can be interchanged). An i appears in the the bottom left of each circle. Hover over this and up will pop a link to links (you need to click on the tiny tiny grey at the bottom to open the list fully) to all the tools mentioned.

You can also see all my lists by clicking here

Task 1
Have a look at the Circles (there are printed copies on your desk). Choose a tool that you are not familiar with and experiment with it (have a play!). Could it be used in class? Does someone on your table have experience using it? Would you feel comfortable using it? What training or help from me might you need?

Brief Feedback

Task 2

  • Choose another tool from the circles to experiment with.
  • If you are still unsure about the Digital Literacy tools and ideas from last session continue working on that and talk to me (Do you want further more personalised training?)
  • Continue working on the planning that you started last session
Here is a lovely image…where are you on this journey?


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